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A complete television entertainment service for about a $1.00 per day! Get unbelievable entertainment at your fingertips wherever you go. Cut your cable and satellite costs. Access streams on 5 devices simultaneously anywhere on any device that has internet. Stream in HD. Pay no activation fees. Movies, TV, International Streams and much, much more! If you can find a better deal, then take it! We love saving you money!

Over 1,000 Live Channels Stream in HD!

Stream Live TV 24/7: Access yours streaming content through any mobile device, computer, smart tv or VStream Media Center.

Simultaneous Access: You will get access for 5 devices to be logged in at the same time. No more fighting over who watches what.

Cut Costs:: Take your entertainment everywhere without the high cost of cable and satellite.


Whether you Partner with us as a IXQTV Customer
or as a IXQTV Distributor,